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All rentals are currently suspended due to COVID-19

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How It Works


Meet the Bike


  • Adjustable seat height fits adult riders
  • Automatic front and rear lights keep you safe
  • Bluetooth Electronic Ring Lock
  • Fenders and a chain guard keep you clean


Zagster bikes can be parked at Zagster docking stations or any public bike rack. A $3 convenience fee applies to rides that end at public bike racks that are more than 50 ft from a Zagster docking station.

We are constantly rebalancing our system to avoid this. If you do have trouble finding an available spot at a station, you can lock the bike to a public bike rack within a 50 ft perimeter at no additional charge.

Membership in the bike share program is available to Students, Faculty and the Public.

Zagster bikes can be ridden for 24 hours at a time. With our new broadened parking policy, you may park your bike at any bike rack. Parking at a non-Zagster rack will add a $3 charge to your trip.

Only Penn State bike share members are allowed to check out bikes, and you may only check out one bike at a time. Everyone who rides a Zagster bike is required to have their own Zagster membership and to have signed our Rider Agreement. If you know someone else who wants to ride, just have them sign up . It's fast and super easy!

Please contact us right away with details on what's happening:

Call us at 202-999-3924 OR Email [email protected]

Then, return the bike to the nearest Zagster station. Once it's locked there, end your trip. We'll get the bike fixed up, but in the meantime you're free to start a ride on a new bike and get on your way.

  1. Don't panic.
  2. Refer to the troubleshooting tips below. Sometimes it simply takes another try.
  3. If all else fails, please call us at 202-999-3924.
  1. First make sure there are no spokes making contact with the ring lock. Sometimes a spoke will seat up against the ring lock with enough pressure to keep the ring lock from retracting.
  2. If the spokes are clear, double check that you are entering the correct code, and try again after waiting for 30 seconds.

There are a few potential reasons why the lock won't close:

  1. First make sure there are no spokes in the way. Sometimes a spoke will line up in such way with the ring lock that the spoke will block the ring from closing.
  2. If you have held the lock button until the light flashes, you should hear a mechanical noise from the ring lock itself. This mean the ring lock is armed and ready to use. If you’ve pressed and held the button but heard no noise, there is a good chance the lock is already armed, and you can simply press down the orange tab to lock the ring.
  3. Once the ring lock has been engaged, and locked, make sure you plug the docking cable into the port on the top of the ring lock.

If you cannot secure your bike, please call us at 202-999-3924 right away!

If you believe your Zagster bike has been stolen, immediately contact your local police department and building security to file theft reports.

You are obligated by your Rider Agreement to alert us as soon as possible in the event of any potential loss or theft of Zagster bikes. Call Zagster at 202-999-3924 and we’ll walk you through what to do. We’ll also email you an Incident Report that you’ll need to complete. You may be charged for the cost of replacing a lost or stolen bike.

Zagster strongly recommends that you wear a helmet while riding.